Winning with 1.e4 - FM Jerzy Konikowski & Uwe Bekemann

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Paperback, 256 pages, Beyers Verlag Publishing 2020

Winning with 1.e4! - A confident and promising title that consistently stands for the idea that White starts the game with 1.e4, determined to obtain an opening advantage.1.e4 is not only the most popular move, it's also the best chance to seize the initiative and create a lively combinatorial game. There is an abundance of theory no matter which opening Black chooses, but like a very good travel guide, "Winning with 1.e4!" leads the reader, always making sure to show him the best places while avoiding mass tourism.

Here are some of the many advantages of this approach:

The reader is given a carefully selected and researched complete repertoire, written from the perspective of White, but useful for Black as well.

The given lines promise a game rich in content. Since they are off the beaten track and avoid the flood of theory, they often promise a surprise effect and an opening advantage. Occasionally, they are on a confrontational course with the "iron rules" of chess. For example, if there is a good reason to activate the queen very early, this is exactly what is recommended.A special note concerns the more than 80 completely annotated games. They have been selected very carefully, but often their instructive content was considered more important than the year they were played.

FIDE Master Jerzy Konikowski is the renowned author of a large number of excellent opening books. Uwe Bekemann is a national correspondence chess master and the author of various books.

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