Chess Coaching for Kids: The U10 Project - Thomas Luther

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Chess Coaching for Kids: The U10 Project by Thomas Luther
Surveys, Tests, Examples and Information about Chess U8/U10

Over the last 20 years, the age at which kids learn to play chess has
become a lot younger and there has been a steadily increasing number
of tournaments for u10, u8 or even younger players. European and world
championships for the youngest groups host hundreds of players every
year. Still, when it comes to chess literature, information or working
material available to coaches and parents in order to help their kids /
students prepare for these events is a rare thing.

To fill this gap Grandmaster and FIDE Senior-Trainer Thomas Luther and
his team of experienced coaches have analyzed and evaluated more
than 2500 games from kids competitions u8/u10.

The result is a large collection of 68 sample positions and 247 exercises
which give a good overview of what to expect from these tournaments.
Furthermore the tests are very useful training material which can be used
to check the skill level for optimizing the training and short learning
lessons help to eliminate typical mistakes and deficits.

Other topics for further information of parents and trainers as well as
eliminating prejudices or misjudgements covered by this book:

  • an investigation about typical mistakes and frequency of occurence
    in lower age classes
  • information about talent, prodigies and training
  • an outlook on the u12 as the next important stage for growth and
This is the most comprehensive investigation and collection of materials
on the subject "Chess for Kids" as well as a valuable guidebook on the
subject "Chess Coaching for Kids".

ISBN: , Hardcover, Thinkers Publishing & Verlag

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