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Showing 1 - 24 of 115 products
Technical Decision Making in Chess - Boris Gelfand
The Soviet Chess Primer - Ilya Maizelis (Hardback)
Small Steps 2 Success - Sam Shankland
Prepare To Attack - Gary Lane
Street Smart Chess - Axel Smith
Quality Chess Street Smart Chess - Axel Smith
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The Silicon Road to Chess Improvement - Matthew Sadler
Tactimania - Glenn Flear
Quality Chess Tactimania - Glenn Flear
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Gambit Busters - Sam Collins - take it, keep it and win!
Old Wine in New Bottles - Mihail Marin
Chess Middlegame Strategies vol 3 - Ivan Sokolov
Think Like A Machine - Manella & Zohar (Hardback)
On the Origin of Good Moves:  Willy Hendrick
Side-Stepping Mainline Theory - Gerard Welling & Steve Giddins
Liquidation on the Chess Board - New and Extended Edition
Coach Yourself - Neil McDonald

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