Learning Chess Workbook: Step 4 Plus - Cor Van Wijgerden

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Learning Chess Workbook: Step 4 Plus
The Step-by-Step Method

Paperback, 56 pages

The contents of the Workbook Step 4 plus

More or less new topics:
  • Trapping - Prepatory move (luring, eliminating the defence, chasing, targeting and clearing.
  • The opening - Vulnerability in the opening
  • Mini-plan - Opening the position
  • Solving problems - An ordinary chess player stays away from the chess problem, but they are worthwhile!Don't skip them!
Elaborating the already introduced material:
  • Mini-plans - Activating a piece, exploiting vulnerability
  • Attacking the king - Cooperation queen/bishop and queen/knight; open file and opening files
  • Draw - Avoiding stalemate, insufficient material, perpetual check
  • Blocking and interfering - The prepatory moves chasing and luring
  • Discovered attack - Setting up a battery
  • Eindspeltechniek - Strategy, tactics and vulnerability in the endgame. Technique, defending and the rook pawn.
ISBN: 978-94-91582-01-1, Van Wijgerden

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