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Building on the tremendous success of Openings for Amateurs in 2014, Pete Tamburro offers a new collection of practical tips to help club-level and young chessplayers to play the opening on their own terms. Centering the discussion around 67 selected model games, Openings for Amateurs – Next Steps covers troublesome variations commonly seen in amateur play, such as the Smith-Morra Gambit, Grand Prix Attack, Schliemann Defense, Anti-Grünfeld, Two Knights, London System, Stonewall Attack, and the Benko Gambit, among others.

As befits an experienced chess teacher, the author gives special attention to promoting positional understanding of the Open Games, isolated queen’s pawn strategies, and plans revolving around the queenside pawn majority. In combination with the original volume, you will enjoy over 600 pages of common-sense explanations for average players and 122 model games, enabling you to cope with your booked-up opponents because you understand what the positions are about once you get out of the opening.

About the Author

Award-winning chess writer Pete Tamburro has been a regular columnist for American Chess Magazine, Chess Life, Chess Life for Kids, The Atlantic Chess News, and British Chess Magazine. The author of Learn Chess from the Greats and of the original volume of Openings for Amateurs, which was based on his popular Internet Chess Club lectures of the same name, he is also a highly successful chess teacher and editor for the Kasparov Chess Foundation’s Teaching Chess Step by Step program.

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