Millennium ChessGenius PRO Chess Computer (adaptor included)

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MILLENNIUM ChessGenius Pro

The chess computer for club and tournament players

Playing strength more than 2200ELO!


One of the most powerful chesscomputers of all time,featuring the world-championsoftware ChessGenius by RichardLang!

In addition to a more elegant appearance Genius Pro providesespecially a significantly higher skill level, it reaches more than 2,200 ELOafter international tournament standard. This was achieved through a variety ofhardware and software modifications:

Improvements on Hardware

  • Significantly faster processor with 120MHz clock speed (Factor 2.5 times as much as ChessGenius)
  • 160 KB RAM (Factor 5 times as much asChessGenius)
  • Automatic power supply detection – connected power supply switches off the sleep mode during 24 hoursfor long term analyzing
  • Significantlyimproved sensor board with smooth-running pressure point



Imporvements on Software

  • Three different options for Openings selectable:
    • 'No opening book', computer calculates by itself
    • 'Classic London Book', of. 57.000positions (Equivalent to theold Chess Genius, library was enlarged by a factor of 2.8)
    • 'Modern Book' , more than 100,000 positions,completely new library of modern opening variations. ByHIARCS
  • Generallyimproved sleep mode with extended wake cycles
  • Display of move numbers in INFO mode
  • New 'Matt in X' stage especially for problem solving



Optical improvements

  • Exclusive chess pieces in white chrome(white pieces) and black chrome (black pieces)
  • Exclusive felt-bottom on the pieces



The sum of allmeasures results in a significant performance improvement over the establishedmodel, so that the "Pro" is the perfect choice especially forambitious players. The improvements in handling and appearance of course alsowelcome all players who do not just put on peak power value. The new options allowthe Pro to play much more diversified than the ChessGenius, so that playing ison a new level of excitement. The few opponents, where the Genius so far failed,get a new job!

Due to theincreased performance of the processor, we recommend to operate the Genius Pro bythe power supply sold separately. The battery operation is still possible, however,the playing time with batteries is well below that of the Genius.


Playing levels and playing difficulty

  • Virtually unlimited number of levels of difficulty
  • Average time per move configurable
  • Max overall duration of game configurable
  • Includes demanding tournament levels suitable for skilled players
  • Special „Matt in X“ stage for problemsolving
  • Countless levels especially for beginners
  • Shows suggested moves (best, second best, third best etc. moves from therespective position)


Especially for chess experts

  • Choice of 2 libaries of opening moves: the ‘Classic LondonBook’, with approximately 57,000 positions, and the ‘Modern Book’, with morethan 100,000 positions
  • Versatile analysis mode (text displays and chessboarddisplay)
  • Display analysis of positions, main variants and movenumber
  • Enter any chess position


Especially for novices

  • Chess trainer: Warns about bad moves, offers to take them back and makessuggestions for improvement to help make better moves
  • Help function: Shows all permitted moves
  • Fully flexible opportunities to take back moves


Features and ease of use

  • Convenient menu system makes it easy to adjust system settings
  • Large backlit display: shows the entire chessboard, plus help text andmenu system text
  • Extra-large chessboard: 20 x 20 cmplaying area
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Different match modes: Player vs. computer, player vs. player etc.
  • Improved energy saving mode with longer active times
  • Power port for AC adapter (power pack included)
  • Automatic power supply detection to switch off the power-saving mode innetwork operation


Processor: ARMCortex M4 / 120 MHz
RAM: 160 KB
Chessboard: Pressuresensor board, magnetic
Display: Backlitchessboard display
Menu operation: 7 languages,text-based
Languages: GB/ DE / FR / NL / ES / IT / RU
Software: OriginalCHESS GENIUS
Power supply: 3 x AAalkaline batteries | Power port available (powerpack included)
Dimensions: approx.30 x 27.5 x 3 cm
Chessboarddimensions: 20 x 20 cm
Itemnumber: M812(ChessGenius Pro Chess Computer)

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