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Showing 1 - 24 of 35 products
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The Modernized Delayed Benoni - Ivan Ivanisevic
Thinker's Publishing The Modernized Delayed Benoni - Ivan Ivanisevic
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The Complete Bogo-Indian Defense - Maxim Chetverik
The Modern Nimzo-Indian - Igor LysyjThe Modern Nimzo-Indian - Igor Lysyj
Opening Repertoire: The Modern Benoni - John Doknjas
The Modernized Modern Benoni - Alexey Kovalchuk
Play the Budapest Gambit - Andrew Martin
Attacking 1...d5 Volume 2 by Kiril Georgiev
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The Strategic Nimzo-Indian Vol. 1: A Complete Guide to the Rubinstein Variation - Ivan Sokolov
New in Chess The Strategic Nimzo-Indian - Ivan Sokolov
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Grandmaster Repertoire 12: The Modern Benoni - Marian Petrov
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Budapest Fajarowicz - Lev Gutman
Batsford Publishing Budapest Fajarowicz - Lev Gutman
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Attacking 1...d5 - Kiril Georgiev
The Modern Benoni Revealed - Richard PalliserThe Modern Benoni Revealed - Richard Palliser
Queens Gambit and Catalan for Black - Lasha Janjgava
Beating the Fianchetto Defences - Efstratios Grivas

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