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Showing 1 - 24 of 145 products
The Anand Files by Michiel Abeln
Technical Decision Making in Chess - Boris Gelfand
Decision Making in Major Piece Endings - Boris Gelfand
The Soviet Chess Primer - Ilya Maizelis (Hardback)
Small Steps 2 Success - Sam Shankland
The Nemesis - Geller's Greatest Games
Soviet Outcast - Grigory Levenfish
Street Smart Chess - Axel Smith
Quality Chess Street Smart Chess - Axel Smith
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Playing the English - Nikolaos NtirlisPlaying the English - Nikolaos Ntirlis
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Playing the Grunfeld by Alexey Kovalchuk
Sicilian Warfare - Ilya Smirin (Hardback)
Conceptual Rook Endgames - Jacob Aagaard
Theoretical Rook Endgames - Sam Shankland
Playing the Najdorf: A Practical Repertoire - David Vigorito
Learn from Bent Larsen - Mihail MarinLearn from Bent Larsen - Mihail Marin
Playing the Stonewall Dutch - Nikola Sedlak (Hardback)
Playing the Petroff - Swapnil Dhopade (Hardback)
The Road to Reykjavik - Tibor Karolyi
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