The Richter-Veresov Attack by NM Eric Fleischman

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The Richter-Veresov Attack: Qd3 Variation
by Eric J. Fleischman

Do you play 1.d4, but feel discouraged by the seemingly limitless number of finely honed defensive systems available to Black? If you’re put off by the idea of having to learn massive amounts of theory just to reach a playable middlegame, then The Richter-Veresov Attack: Qd3 Variation might be just what you’re looking for.

Right away, you’ll be taking your opponents out of their preparation and into your comfort zone. While the Richter-Veresov has developed its own “book” over the years, Eric Fleischman shows you how to bypass a lot of that body of theory, too, with an early deployment of the queen to d3, an idea sometimes known as the Amazon Attack.

Covering a wide range of setups that Black could adopt in response (including French, Caro-Kann, Indian, Benoni, and Dutch formations), the author uses games by international players and examples from his own play to show how experience and a sense of the position count for more than memorized lines in The Richter-Veresov Attack: Qd3 Variation.

About the Author
Eric J. Fleischman received the title of National Chess Master from the U.S. Chess Federation in 1987 and the title of Original Life Chess Master in 2019. He has worked as a chess instructor, chess writer, and events promoter in the New York City metropolitan area.

ISBN: 978-1-936277-98-8, Paperback, 283 pages, Mongoose Press 

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