2020 Endgame Maze - Ivan Ivanisevic

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2020 Endgame Maze
Selected and analysed by Ivan Ivanisevic

This book is intended to be a companion volume to 2020 PUZZLE QUEST. The primary intention was to provide you with as much quality material for self-study as possible. This book contains a selection detailed, rich in motifs and theoretically comprehensive.

Many of the endgames are explained in great depth, with numerous theoretical principles fleshed out, so this book could be used as instructive endgame manual as well. All the endgame positions are extracted from games played during 2020, when most of the games were played online in shorter time controls.

Quite naturally, most endgames were not played to perfection, but contained serious mistakes, wrong game plans, or terrible blunders. In such cases we provided very detailed explanations and guidelines so you can evaluate your own endgame technique and fill gaps in your endgame play.

This book will prove to be more than an overview of the best endgames played in 2020, and that you will return to it very often seeking advice and refreshing your knowledge.
 - Complete coverage of most instructive and interesting endgames in 2020
 - 151 carefully selected endgame positions
 - Check your knowledge with 42 test positions

Practice your planning and decision-making skills in the final phase of the game!

Hardback, 236 pages, Chess Informant


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