B.H. Wood Style Chess pieces (3.75")

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Style: Ebonized Boxwood and Natural Boxwood
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The B.H. Wood Series chess pieces are the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Crafted to withstand rigorous play and still maintain an elegant appearance. Expertly designed for practical use.

Expertly hand carved and made from high grade wood, B.H. Wood Style Chess pieces bring elegance and durability to your game. With weighted pieces and luxurious billiard cloth base pads, these 3.75" pieces are perfect for serious players. Enhance your chess experience with these beautiful and functional pieces.

Learn about the origins of chess through B.H. Wood Style Chess pieces. These pieces, created by Baruch (B.H.) Wood in the 1930s and sold in Sutton Coldfield, played a pivotal role in a legal dispute involving renowned chess players like Sir George Thomas, Max Euwe, and Lodewijk Prins. Add a unique and historically significant chess set to your collection.

King Height - 3.75"

King Base diameter - 1.65"

Basepad Material - Billiard cloth

Extra Queens included

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