Chess Fundamentals - Capablanca

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Paperback, 121 pages, 2009 Everyman Chess

Capablanca was a renowned chess logician who had a remarkable ability to simplify complicated chess positions to their basic elements. Chess Fundamentals is the product of Capablancas logical chess simplification. A book ideal for beginners to intermediate players wanting to improve their game to a competitive club standard, the content focuses on the basic principals of the three stages of a chess game. Capablanca discusses the fundamentals of a position without long lists of variations found in other chess publications. Likewise the language he employs is clear and concise. The chapters on strategy and endgames will be a particular benefit to players struggling with the intricacies of positional play. The chapter on the middlegame is a fantastic introduction to tactical play outlining the principals of attack, sacrifices and defence without long streams of variations confusing the reader. In the final section of the book Capablanca thoroughly annotates his own games offering the student the opportunity to play over them using his comments as a guide. Capablanca only lost 36 games of the 567 he competitively played and never lost a game between 1916 and 1924 despite playing the best players at the time. For this reason Chess Fundamentals is an invaluable tool for the chess player striving to improve his or her game as it gives an insightful view into the mind of a chess genius and one of the greatest players to ever grace the game.

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