Chess Openings for Beginners : Essential Strategies Every Player Should Know

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Paperback, 126 pages, 2022 Rockridge Press

During a chess match, your opening strategy can determine how the rest of the game will go--but how do you know which strategy to use? Stick to the most effective techniques, master the five opening principles, and become a worthy opponent with this beginner-friendly guide to the top 25 openers, from the Scotch Game to the French Defense.

Step-by-step advice--Start with a refresher on chess basics, then find clear and thorough explanations of each opening strategy, complete with illustrations.The most common variants--Be ready for anything with tips for executing other popular variations of each opener.Ways to practice what you've learned--Try sample chess scenarios that challenge you to come up with the next move and test your new skills. 

Jessica Era Martin has been a chess instructor for 20 years and has coached teams in three states at the state and national championship levels.

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