How to Play Chess for Kids - Jessica E. Martin

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Learn to play chess―and win―with this complete guide for kids ages 8 to 12

paperback, 160 pages, Rockridge Press

Check it out: Playing chess is tons of fun…and it can help make you smarter, too! How to Play Chess for Kids teaches you everything you need to know to start―even if you’ve never played before.

First get the hang of moving each piece, understand the rules, then find out how to capture pieces and win. In this book of chess for kids, you’ll try out different tactics, discover super-secret strategies, and practice thinking ahead.

How to Play Chess for Kids includes:

  • How to speak chess―Chess has its own language―learn to speak it with a guide to game notation and an easy glossary.
  • See it, play it―Lots of diagrams make learning chess for kids easy by illustrating the moves in every example.
  • Real-life moves―Learn from the best with exciting excerpts from championship games by chess masters throughout history.

JESSICA E. MARTIN is a chess instructor and author who runs tournaments through her website Her main goal is to motivate children to play chess and have fun while building self-confidence.

"Jessica's beautifully produced book teaches chess to kids in a fun, accessible, and easy-to-read way. I love her terms like 'queen sandwich' and 'copycat opening' and believe this book will help young people unlock their chess potential. Jessica's passion for chess, writing, and education shines through. Can't wait for my own toddler to tackle this book."—Jennifer Shahade, Two-time US Women's Champion, US Chess Women Program Director, author, and commentator


"Not only does [this book] teach the fundamentals of chess in an easy to understand format, it is full of color pictures so you can see what is being talked about. This book even goes further in the second half, teaching you some basic strategies to winning the game. My ten-year-old read the entire book in one sitting, not because he loves to read (which he does), but because he loves to win."—Steve Taylor


"My students absolutely love board games, and chess is one of their interests. I am a novice in this game, and this book has helped me and other students learn the rules of the game and how to win! All the activities have clear, colorful artwork so you can see exactly where pieces should be on the chessboard. There are also helpful hints and tips throughout, and if you’ve ever forgotten how a piece moves or need to brush up on a rule, look at the 'Starting Out' section for a reminder."—Tanya Lu

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