Lessons with a Grandmaster III - Boris Gulko & Dr. Joel R. Sneed

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Lessons with a Grandmaster 3 - Boris Gulko & Dr. Joel R. Sneed

Imagine you are a club player who has been given the opportunity to talk at length with a famous Grandmaster. How would you make the most of this opportunity?

This is the third book in the highly acclaimed Lessons with a Grandmaster series. It bridges the gap between great player and amateur through a series of conversations between teacher, the renowned Grandmaster Boris Gulko, and student Dr. Joel R. Sneed, a professor of psychology and amateur chess player. The lessons are based on Gulko's own battles against fellow Grandmasters.

In this third volume, Gulko and Sneed focus on both strategic and tactical ideas, and how to successfully combine the two parts over the board. Among the many subjects examined are attack and defence, exploiting weak squares, fighting for the initiative, Sicilian strategy and the bishop pair.

    • Learn from the chess games of Boris Gulko
    • Typical questions you would ask a Grandmaster - answered!
    • Improve your strategic and tactical understanding

    ISBN: 9781781941959, 272 pages, Paperback, Everyman Chess

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