Mastering Typical Rook Endgames

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In the first book we discussed basic positions and methods for playing both simple and complicated rook endings. Now, in this book, we will discuss typical positions — which means positions that frequently appear in practical play. Knowledge of such positions and the methods of handling them is a third key element of correct play in rook endgames.

I, together with my great friend GM Aleksander Beliavsky, wrote three books on different endgames and there are special chapters on rook endings, but in these there was no systematic knowledge, rather just some important issues that were discussed. Now, however, we will try to give our readers a much more complicated and complete picture of rook endgame theory and practice.

ISBN 9786155793073, Paperback, 336 pages, Chess Evolution Publishing

The title on the cover is "Mastering typical rook endgames", however on the first page of the book, it is written as "Mastering practical rook endgames", while in the header of the even numbered pages it is running as "Mastering basic rook endgames" .

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