Memorable Games of British Chess - Neil Hickman

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Memorable Games of British Chess by Neil Hickman
Collected, with Notes, by an Amateur

A collection of the classic games of British chess, including one or two which, though truly memorable, are by no means masterpieces; with a few more included by way of a little light relief. We shouldn’t be serious all the time, even at the chess board. An entertaining book that brings together ninety classic British games ranging from the year 1788 right up until 2016.

The notes to the games are often aided by borrowing the original player’s own comments from a variety of books and magazines. This makes it more satisfying and Hickman rightly avoids proving endless analysis from Fritz 17 in a vain effort to find the truth in the position. Instead, snippets of calculation are sandwiched between quotes and a background story concerning the British player and the significance of the encounter.

A really fun, instructive and entertaining book to enjoy when you need a bit of chess inspiration.

ISBN: 978-1794053564, Paperback, 287 pages, self-published

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