Play 1...d6 Against Everything - Zude & Hickl

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Play 1...d6 Against Everything by Eric Zude & Jorg Hickl
A Compact and Ready-to-use Black Repertoire for Club Players

All the average club player needs is a small and manageable chess opening repertoire. Club players don't have time and energy to study hundreds of pages of chess opening theory. And why would they? Amateur games are rarely decided in the opening.

Play 1...d6 Against Everything is exactly what these players need: a compact, complete and solid set of lines for Black.

In barely 200 pages the authors present common-sense guidance, practical examples, and explanations of typical characteristics. To be totally exact: ..d6 is not always in all variations played on the first move; sometimes it is played later.

ISBN: 9789056917449, New in Chess, Paperback, 207 pages

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