Play Unconventional Chess and Win - Noam Manella & Zeev Zohar

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Play Unconventional Chess and Win by Noam Manella & Zeev Zohar

Paperback, 392 pages

The computer has changed the way top players think about chess. The silicon mind has no psychological barriers. It is "willing" to check moves that most humans, including top players, consider absurd and reject instantly. Thus this brave, new computer era inevitably leads to a reassessment of old axioms, principles and evaluations.

In this book the reader will discover the incredible power unconventional moves can have. These moves contradict the most fundamental principles of the "old chess", and yet most of them played by leading grandmasters.

At first sight these moves look so strange that the reader can not avoid asking, "Was this grandmaster was inspired or drunk?" The answer will definitely surprise you.

About the Authors
Noam A. Manella is a well-known expert in the field of creativity and author of The Creative Code. He's a chess study composer, whose works have received numerous awards. Zeev Zohar examined "The Influence of Computer Software on Top Chess Players' Creativity" as part of his MA studies at Tel Aviv University. His revolutionary findings constitute the basis for this extraordinary book.

ISBN: 9781781942048, Everyman Chess

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