How I Became a Chess Grandmaster - Vinay Bhat (Hardback)

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How I Became a Chess Grandmaster by Vinay Bhat

Hardback, 344 pages, Quality Chess 2023

Vinay Bhat rose through the ranks of American chess in the 1990s and 2000s, overcoming plateaus, competitive challenges, and academic and professional commitments, before achieving the highest title in chess. Follow Vinay’s path to improvement and the struggles he had to go through, to carve out your own path to improvement and achieve your chess goals.

How I Became a Chess Grandmaster is a personal story that entertains as it instructs. With numerous photographs and anecdotes, you can follow the inspirational rise of a young player from novice to Grandmaster.

Vinay Bhat became a National Master at the age of 10 and an International Master at 15 – at the time the youngest American IM since Bobby Fischer. He later went on to gain the ultimate title of Grandmaster in his mid-twenties.


"How I Became a Chess Grandmaster combines a close look at high-level play with insight into a grandmaster’s thoughts and advice. Anyone trying to improve, whether aiming as high as Bhat or trying to become an expert or master, will appreciate hearing from a player who has encountered and solved many of the same problems he is facing. In addition, the book serves as an entertaining games collection, well put together with the typically high production values Quality Chess offers. It’s particularly encouraging to see chess publishers preserving the past while providing lessons for contemporary players as well."

IM John Watson, Chess Life

“A refreshing chess autobiography about a player who may not be one of the most well-known of grandmasters, but whose story and games are both entertaining and instructive... An enjoyable book and a rare account of the chess career of a grandmaster who never quite reached the top of the tree, but who undoubtedly had many interesting stories to tell and games to show.”

Sean Marsh, CHESS

"The chronological treatment lets the reader get to know both the novice and the advanced Bhat. In principle, this should make the book suitable for anyone who wants to progress, regardless of level, although the first chapter already covers the jump to 2200. Moreover, as Bhat himself has taken breaks where his chess has been at a standstill for several years, the book is aimed at higher-level chess players (say titleholders) whose chess has been pushed into the background for whatever reason (student life, work, or family) but who find the time and motivation to pick up the game again at a later age. The book is therefore an absolute must for this group."

Zyon Kollen,

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