PRO CHESS Mentor Series: Volume 1

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Pro Chess: The Video Chess Mentor Series Chess is a materialistic game. FORCE is the most important element. The player who gains an advantage in the Force Count will win ninety percent of the time. The player with a SPACE advantage has the more valuable pieces. The Space Count determines the players roles as attacker and/or defender. The TIME COUNT is determined by mobilizing our Pieces and Pawns from their original squares. PAWN STRUCTURE is the best factor for finding a plan. There are three categories of Pawn Structures: Weak; Balanced; and Dynamic. There are three types of positions: Closed, Half Open and Open. Pawn Trades determine the type of position."Pawns are the Souls of Chess." Dominican Philidor. Your Instructor International Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan Designed for all levels of players from novice to master! You will improve your game after a single viewing. I guarantee it! Yasser Seirawan 120 minutes Study Segment #1 - An Introduction: The Board, the Pieces and their Properties. The 4 Elements of Chess: Force, Space, Time and Pawn Structure. A Classical Opening Example. Study Segment #2 - Novice/Intermediate: Common Pawn Structures - How to Play With or Against. 14 Tactical Ideas with Strategic Demonstrations.

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