Roman's Lab 84 - Rybka's Quest for Replacing The Ruy Lopez (100mins)

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Running time 1 hour 40 mins

The Giucoco Piano & New way to Play Against the Sicilian with B-b5

On this DVD Roman and Rybka completely overturn a well established 100 year old move in The Giuoco Piano (that no one ever dare to doubt), and claim sizable advantage for white. It's truly amazing to see how harmless move that 4 different GM's (including Karpov) would not take seriously, and after 20-30 min ... completely gave up for black. Admitting White's superiority. This is truly one of the most revolutionary discoveries in modern chess theories.

Also introduced is a relatively new way to play against The Sicilian B-b5! White mixes The Rossolimo and Grand Prix variations with poweful suggestions from Rybka.

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