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The Black Sniper is a dynamic and universal opening system that fills in the gaps for the Black player who plays the Accelerated Dragon, the Dzindzi Indian or other Black Fianchetto defences. Black's system of development with 1...g6 and 2...Bg7 allows White to occupy the center, but in true Sniper Modern.

Includes the following Programs:

  • Foxy Opening vol 134 The White Sniper 1.g6, Bg2, c4 (2h 17 mins)
  • Foxy Opening vol 136 Sniper for The Aggressive Black Player 1.e4 g6 2.d4 Bg7 3.Nc3 c5! Part 1(3h 25 mins)
  • Foxy Opening vol 137 Sniper for The Aggressive Black Player - Pawn Grab Variation 4.dxc5 Part 2 (3h 17 mins)
  • Foxy Opening vol 138 Sniper for The Aggressive Black Player - Maroczy & Anti-Maroczy Bind #3 (1h 39 mins)
  • Foxy Opening vol 139 Sniper for The Aggressive Black Player - Schmidt Benoni 4.d5 Nf6 5.Nc3 d6 (3h 24 mins)
  • Foxy Opening vol 160 The Sniper Part 5 (3h 24 mins mins)
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