Tactics Time 2 - Tim Brennan & Anthea Carson

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Tactics Time 2 - Tim Brennan & Anthea Carson
1001 More Chess Tactics from Games of Everyday Players

Paperback, 144 pages

The best way to rapidly improve your chess game is to study chess tactics. The best chess tactics to study are the ones that come from real games! That is exactly what this book contains - 1001 chess tactics all from real games. No composed problems No endgame studies No problems that you have seen before Nothing but all new, original chess problems from real games, from real players - just like you!

Many collections of chess problems have way too many queen sacrifices, smothered mates and under promotions. These types of problems are fun to solve, but the patterns involved are so rare, that they have very little impact when you play a real chess game. Most class players are not losing chess games because they missed a brilliant queen sacrifice!

They are losing because they missed a relatively simple and common pattern like a knight fork, or an overloaded piece, or a weak back rank. If you can learn to easily spot these types of tactical shots, you can win a lot more games!

This book contains hundreds of tactical shots that will put your game on tactical steroids!

ISBN-13: 978-9056915377, New in Chess

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