The Modernized Najdorf - Milos Pavlovic

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The Modernized Najdorf by Milos Pavlovic
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The Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defence is so popular that the total number of games played in this line exceeds the number of games played in many complete openings! It has been the favourite line of many world champions and grandmasters. Famous lines such as the Poisoned Pawn, the Polugaevsky Variation, the Sozin, the English Attack, to name just a few, are known to all chess players as belonging to the Najdorf Sicilian.

Championed by young American Bobby Fischer, the Najdorf line gained popularity and with time it became the most popular Sicilian. Even when Fischer lost a game to Spassky in the Poisoned Pawn line during their 1972 world Championship match in Reykjavik, somehow the Najdorf didn't lose its popularity. On the contrary, a new generation of players simply continued to work on the line, with Kasparov in first place and followed by many strong grandmasters.

Perhaps the secret for such popularity should be sought in the amazing flexibility that the Najdorf offers. Often Black can choose between …e6 setups or …e5; even …g6 is often played. You don't find such a variety of ideas in other Sicilians. It is considered one of the top three best lines against 1.e4, the other two being the Berlin and the Marshall, both belonging to the Ruy Lopez opening.

ISBN 9789492510389, Paperback, 308 pages, Thinkers Publishing

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