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Showing 49 - 72 of 95 products
Invitation to Chess - Irving Chernev
Chess Workbook for Children - Todd Bardwick
Chess Puzzles For Kids - Murray Chandler
Chess for Rookies - Craig Pritchett
Chess  be the King! - Ellisiv Reppen illustrated by Flu Hartberg
Checkmate! My First Chess Book - Garry Kasparov
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess - Fischer
A Queen & Her Court: A Story of beginning Chess moves
The Complete Chess Course - Fred Reinfeld
Chess Openings For Kids - Watson & Burgess
Power Chess For Kids - Charles Hertan
200 Capture Mates - Fred Wilson & Bruce Alberston
Concise Chess: The Compact Guide for Beginners
Back to Basics: Openings - Dan Heisman
How To Be A Winner at Chess - Fred Reinfeld
How To Play Chess Like a Champion - Fred Reinfeld
Everyone's First Chess Workbook - Peter Giannatos
Power Chess for Kids Volume 2 - Charles Hertan
Chess is Child's Play - Laura Sherman and Bill Kilpatrick
Chess Strategy Workbook - Todd Bardwick
Chess Progress: From Beginner to Winner - Erik Czerwin
Chess For Children - Murray Chandler
Chess Tactics for Kids - Murray Chandler
A Complete Chess Course (Antonio Gude)

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